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Julius Roth Foundation

As a result of ill-health, Peter Wolff-Ingham is retiring from the Julius Roth Foundation.

Over the years he has helped many, many hundreds of children in this country and abroad to live happier, eczema-free lives.

Sadly, we cannot find anyone with his depth of knowledge, skills and abilities to replace him. Neither will it be possible to obtain preparations, which are custom made for each child.

The Foundation will, therefore, close down from the end of September 2017.

The Julius Roth Foundation are leading practitioners in the treatment of childhood eczema.

Successful in over 80 % of cases.

We treat children world-wide.

Our unique formulations are based on European flower and plant extracts and the latest scientific findings.

Doctors recognise the Foundation's success in the non-steroid treatment of atopic eczema.

Julius Roth Steroid-free EczemaTherapy

Each of our therapy Preparations is unique, developed and tested by the Julius Roth Foundation.

  • We use the finest oils of Borage, Evening Primrose, and Avocado and natural, high potency Vitamin E.
  • We do not use steroids, paraffin oils and waxes, peanut oil, almond oil or lanolins.
  • Over ten flower and plant extracts are blended, in precise proportions, with selected oils to produce a range of effective bath additives, creams, gels and lotions.

Each child follows a carefully devised individualised therapy programme to swiftly alleviate itching, reduce inflammation, provide a degree of protection against infection, reduce the effects of free radicals, promote the rapid healing of damaged tissue and restore smooth soft skin.


The Julius Roth Approach to Childhood Eczema

The Julius Roth approach follows the long and honourable European tradition of using extracts of flowers and plants in creams and lotions to treat skin conditions. Our practice is based on hundreds of years of refinement and testing. But not only that, our research keeps us fully informed of recent developments so we are able to combine inherited wisdom with the rigour of science to the benefit of each child.

Recent advances in science mean that all the plant extracts which we use in our Preparations are of the utmost purity with all the 'goodness' retained.

This scientific approach also means that all our preparations are consistent and predictable in their efficacy. They reduce and in most cases eliminate the observable symptoms of eczema, thus skin health is restored.